OnDosis for ADHD

Our first development program is for ADHD. Together with our cooperation partner Tiefenbacher pharmaceuticals, we are developing a Dosage Manager and stimulant drug/device combination for a planned launch in the US in 2025. The development is performed under the joint brand, OYSTA®.

Woman and child in kitchen, the son is taking medicine using the dosage manager

The logic for a Dosage Manager and stimulant drug/device combination for the treatment of ADHD stands on 4 pillars:

  1. There is no way to predict the dosage of ADHD medication that will work best for any given patient. Titration of dose at initiation and over time is essential to meet the objective of finding lowest effective dose (https://www.additudemag.com/titrate-medication-adhd/)
  2. Adherence is low. Less than half of patients are still on therapy after 3 months despite the well documented positive clinical effects (Continuity of Methylphenidate Treatment for Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder - Steven C. Marcus, PhD; George J. Wan, PhD, MPH; Jason E. Kemner, MPH; et al Mark Olfson, MD, MPH)
  3. Non-medical use is regarded as an issue in certain groups, for example college students (https://www.frontiersin.org/people/u/1228839 Non-medical use of Prescription Stimulants Among College Students: Non-oral Routes of Administration, Risk Factors, Motivations, and Pathways Stephen F. Butler1*, Stephen V. Faraone2, Anthony L. Rostain3, Jeffrey H. Newcorn4, Kevin M. Antshel5, Rebekkah S. Robbins1 and Jody L. Green1)
  4. As diagnosis often happens in childhood, an easy to swallow formulation is beneficial.

    We are developing a portfolio of Dosage Manager and stimulant combinations to meet the needs of patients and physicians in US, Europe and other countries.