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Let’s optimize treatment outcomes. Let’s close the loop between patient and physician. And let’s join forces and make life with medicine easier. We collaborate with leading pharmaceutical companies, developing projects for innovative medicines and value-added generics.

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Who we are
OnDosis is a B2B company providing a solution for individualized treatments by bringing an innovative technology applicable for oral solids. Through our collaborations with leading pharmaceutical companies, we provide solutions for individualized treatments in the context of:

  • New drug applications
  • Life Cycle Management initiatives
  • Value Added Generics
  • Clinical Trials
  • Feasibility studies and prototype development

What we offer
We out-license our technology to pharmaceutical companies, making the benefits of our platform available to patients worldwide across a multitude of diseases. Applying OnDosis´ proprietary technology is a possibility to extend product life cycle and provide differentiation for the targeted treatment.

The collaboration
Our business model builds on out-licensing of our device technology and digital solutions. Together with our partners we develop projects for innovative medicines and value-added generics where our technology can make a difference and ultimately improve outcomes.

In a typical co-development program, our partners lead the formulation, clinical trials, registration, and commercialization of the drug/device combination. An agile and flexible approach can be taken towards development responsibilities depending on the needs.

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